About Us

What we do:

In the last 30 years Abbotsbury has successfully handled an incredibly diverse range of projects as a result of our innovative and flexible structure. We make test rigs, assembly equipment and finished products; we carry out feasibility studies and experimental work into new products and processes and conduct ongoing product development for the rail industry.


What we offer:

Consulting, Design, Drawing, Programming, Mechanical and Electronic Assembly, Test, Machining, Fabrication, Wiring.


We work closely with our clients to match skills and requirements to available resources, keeping your efficiency and profitability at the top of our list.


From initial design study to finished product we can provide as much or as little help as is required; whether you cherry pick our services to match your particular requirements, or ask us to manage an entire project we are happy to work in the way that suits you best.

Our extensive network of trusted partners and associates allows us to gather resources and team members with the skills and experience to match each project individually.

Some clients have worked with us for half a day for a project, others for 20 years with ongoing development work -  contact us to find out how we could work best with you.


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